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12 January 2023

Motivaction knows what motivates people

Whether it is about using Artificial Intelligence to realize better health care for those who are chronically ill, or making a payment app more popular among Generation Z users. Almost every research question focuses on what people can do, want to do or how they behave.

Since our foundation in 1984 we keep busy with looking for, and finding, the motives that drive behavior. We work for both the B2B- and B2C-sector with an enthusiastic team of over 90 (research) professionals, everyone with their own expertise, from our office in the center of Amsterdam.

We are an independent agency with creative thinkers. Together with our clients we look for the best solution for any question.


What do we offer our clients?

  • Traditional and innovative research- and data analytics methods
  • We add conclusions to results: translating data to insights and next steps
  • A combination of up-to-date sector, marketing and market research knowledge
  • Our own research studios for qualitative research
  • A research community with over 65.000 members for quantitative research
  • A database with almost 35 years’ worth of benchmark data
  • In-house capacity to create dashboards and infographics
  • Access to our unique Mentality-model


Want to know what moves your target audience? Need to create a new strategy based on proven insights?

We offer in-depth knowledge on groups of citizens, consumers and businesses through our solid segmentation research, target audience research and competitive analysis. Input for your communication- and marketing strategy.

Motivaction is connected to various sector organizations in the area of market research and is a member of a number of international networks that offer certainty and reliability.




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