"The collaboration with Motivaction is characterized by great enthusiasm and thinking along, and an attractive and useful end result."
Lisette Kaupmann, Innovator Sustainability and Renweal at Stedin

Keeping customers and attracting new ones
Energy suppliers are facing the daunting challenge of holding onto existing customers, and making attractive product proposals for new ones. More and more people are switching between energy providers because of the increased price competition, and the improved service in recent years. This is why it’s important for energy companies to dedicate ample attention to loyalty management. At the same time, there is still a battle to be won in the transparency of prices in the energy sector. Consumers want to be able to compare prices, and to do so easily.

Motivaction knows energy consumers and what motivates them. Switch factors are often very basic, and involve price and the quality of service. When a client has a question or complaint, is he or she helped adequately? How much does energy cost, exactly? More emotional aspects also play a role, such as whether or not the energy company has a reputation as a sustainable supplier. We provide you with insight into the influence of switch factors, and concrete recommendations for keeping your profitable customers.

Which groups of energy consumers do my customers belong to?
With a view to the future, the privatization of energy management is of vital importance. More and more parties (such as housing cooperatives and consumers) will start generating energy themselves in the future, whether or not they do this in cooperation with financial parties such as banks or retirement funds. We are familiar with the adoption curve for new applications based on Mentality segmentation, and can translate these for your specific questions.


  • Who are the future pioneers in decentralized energy generation?
  • Which areas do they live in?
  • Who is receptive to sustainability?

When it comes to organizations or people dedicated to sustainability, we apply a segmentation into various groups which runs parallel to the adoption curve. Investments in environmental priorities and sustainability will yield better returns in areas where the residents are environmentally aware. We can help you identify your potential with Mentality regional analyses.

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