Fast moving consumer goods

“Motivaction biedt de ideale combinatie van de harde en de zachte kant: de harde zit in de data en insights over waarden-gebaseerde doelgroepen, de zachte kant zit in de grote benaderbaarheid, het goede luisteren en de fijne samenwerking die we altijd hebben.”
Willeke Brokking, Unilever CMI Lead Benelux

The battle for market share and attention
Brand manufacturers are engaged in a battle to grab market share, shelf impact and attention from consumers in the media. Retailers are introducing competing private-label brands more and more. The retail channel itself is also being used more frequently as a media channel that broadcasts commercial messages. And the media market is struggling with increasing fragmentation, causing the costs required to reach that consumer to rise even higher.

Marketers focusing on consumer values
These days, marketers have less and less control over their brands. The ‘prosumer’ is on the rise, consumers are acquiring more influence, and today’s society is characterized by a great variety of lifestyles and ethnical backgrounds. In days gone by, many consumer goods were scarce and valuable; these days, they are available in abundance. It is in fact intangible goods, such as time, family life, excitement, creativity and health that have taken on value, and brands are being positioned more and more in line with these types of values that are relevant for consumers.

These developments have direct consequences for marketers and the FMCG market. The new force field of retail and media demands clear strategies, with a strong foundation in research for the future.

Strategic consumer research
It is crucial to zoom in on consumers’ needs and preferences; it is important to know what motivates people, and to take action accordingly.

  • A great deal of purchasing behavior occurs subconsciously; our InnerWorld research offers points of departure and insights in this regard.
  • It is increasingly important to know your consumers well in order to reach them.
  • Based on Mentality research linked to GFK ’s household panel (the purchasing behavior of which is monitored), we provide concrete recommendations and strategic options.
  • Using qualitative research, we offer you insights and our virtual shopping approach generates concrete information you can use to optimize your product’s impact on store shelves.
  • Our innovation and packaging studies offer you the possibility to make your products as distinctive and attractive as possible for consumers. After all, these are the people who have the last word when it comes to purchasing decisions.

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