“In de samenwerking heb ik veel flexibiliteit ervaren: in het geval van aanvullende ad-hoc verzoeken van onze klanten, wordt altijd direct tijd en ruimte gemaakt om het op te lossen, zowel binnen als buiten kantooruren. Dat is heel prettig en geeft vertrouwen en comfort.”
Meike Fijneman, Senior Consultant KPMG

“Thought leadership” in the business service provision

There is increasingly more emphasis on strong brand positioning and customer relationship within consultancy. For business service providers and consultants this means that they must develop an effective strategy to bind customers for the long term. Motivaction supports and offers insights to develop a strategy which fits with your own target group, organization, unique knowledge and positioning.


What can Motivaction mean for you?

Thought leadership, branding and knowledge development play an increasingly larger role: How do consultants position themselves, how do you assist your customers to develop this vision in turbulent times, and how do you guide them to make this vision operational in daily business practice? A clear view of trends is crucial for this. Motivaction has various instruments and facilities to meet this information need, and to work together on various research questions.


Which instruments and tools can we deploy for you?

Motivaction has the knowledge, experience and means to advise and support you. We know what is at play in your market and deploy our broad, sector and domain-specific knowledge to get insight from research into various issues in a focused way.

Depending on your objectives and research questions we will deploy the following instruments and tools for instance:

  • SRI: Stakeholders and reputation research
  • Image research
  • Customer satisfaction research
  • Brand recognition research
  • Positioning research
  • Communication research
  • Thought leadership research

What do these researches offer you?

Motivaction will be a sparring partner for all your strategic questions or dilemmas. We are happy to brainstorm with you about researches from start to finish, but you can also contact us for specific parts of a project such as facilitating research devised by you. Everything is focused on offering insight into the latest trends and developments so that you can implement your strategy in a well-defined way.

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