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RegioPlus uses the expertise of Motivaction for research into the effectiveness of the campaign 'Week of Care and Welfare'. I sat down with experts and tenacious researchers who know what they are talking about. Thanks to Motivaction we evaluate the Week of Care and Welfare effectively and we receive recommendations which we actually can improve into the campaign of the Week of Care and Welfare!"
Coco Heitink, Communicatieadviseur bij RegioPlus

To optimize the quality of care and determine the right policy and / or marketing strategy, you need to understand your target groups. Our research methods and results can help you understand what is important to patients and care employees, how to position yourself in the free market, how to attact new employees, where your patient focus should lie and more.


Different target group

There is not one type of care client: everyone experiences care in their own manner, and has their own needs and wants. For example, some clients may feel that online office hours are a practical way to get in touch while others prefer a personal consult. Together with the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports and based on our Mentality-model, we have identified three types of care users. Our CareMentality profiles include the less independent care consumer, the pragmatic care consumer and the socially-critical care consumer.

If you want to optimize your policies and services, you need to be able to adapt to the actual needs of these different types of care consumers. Our research can help you determine which care consumers live in your service area, and can provide you with innovative insights into the consumers’ perceptions.


Influx and retention of care employees

Care sectors in many countries are facing a shortage of personnel, a trend that is likely to continue in the coming years. To cope with this challenge, care institutions need to ensure that their strategies and personnel policies are closely aligned with the values and mindset of new generations. As we have conducted considerable research into this problem, we can offer you sector-specific starting points for recruitment to improve new hire numbers and increase employee satisfaction.


How can we help?

We offer you an integral approach that will help you increase your market share and improve the quality of your service. We:

  • Help you understand the positioning of your organization
  • Determine which target groups, or types of care consumers live in your service area
  • Provide concrete recommendations for reaching these various groups effectively
  • Indicate which patients your organization is serving using our own DTC information

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for further information, we are happy to assist you with any challenges you are facing.


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