Almere: building board panel

The research and statistics department of the municipality of Almere is unable to provide answers fast enough to the queries raised by councilors on the issues they need to debate. The city councilors also do not feel they have sufficient insight into the lifestyles of the people of Almere.



  • How can the councilors themselves find out quickly what is going on in the city and how can these results be linked to lifestyle data for the citizens of Almere?
  • Which instrument provides optimal communication between the council and the citizens of Almere?


Based on close cooperation with the municipality Motivaction developed a council panel for Almere:

  • The city’s inhabitants are internet-minded.
  • An online panel is the ideal way to give the citizens of Almere a say in their local politics.
  • Motivaction’s software (XS) is easy for the council clerks to use.
  • Connection to Motivaction’s citizen segments provides the council with the lifestyle data they wanted.


  • Questions asked by the councilors on Monday are answered on Friday by over 1,000 citizens of Almere.
  • Very high response rate of 70% on average, the people of Almere enjoy being able to voice their opinions.
  • More well-informed debates now take place in the councilors’ meetings. The same instrument is being developed for the complete province of Flevoland.

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