Appreciation Barometer of the Dutch Food Industry


An open conversation about food. That is the name of the new movement by the Dutch Food Industry Federation (FNLI), based on the report “Spreek Smakelijk”, deployed by Roland Berger. With this movement, the Dutch food industry is able to join forces with consumers, citizens, social organizations, governments and politics. This is the start of an intensive dialogue in order to increase confidence in the food industry. An open discussion where signals, questions and concerns of citizens are taken seriously.


Appreciation and trust in the food industry

The starting point of the movement is research into the appreciation of the Dutch food industry and related topics such as health, preservation and food safety. In this manner, the Dutch food industry can establish the dialogue with consumers and reinforce the trust between them.

Approach: annual appreciation barometer

In order to guide this initiative, Motivaction, commissioned by the FNLI, has started with the annual appreciation barometer: an online research on the appreciation of the Dutch food industry among more than 1000 Dutch people aged between 18 and 75 years.



  • Insights into the appreciation of and trust towards the food industry on issues such as health, preservation, food safety and information provision.
  • The appreciation barometer bridges the gap between the attitudes of citizens and consumer behaviour. For example: citizens are willing to buy sustainable products, but they often consider them to be too expensive to purchase them.
  • Every year, the FNLI and Motivaction will repeat the appreciation barometer. Accordingly, the development of the appreciation for and the trust in the sector will become visible.


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