Client cases big data

Example 1 - How do you optimize your recruitment actions?
For a customer who is active in door-to-door recruitment activities we have optimized the recruitment process by way of segmentation techniques. By recruiting employees with a specific value profile in specific postcode areas, great optimisation progress has been made as a result of a rising conversion ratio. It is also clear that certain value segments are missing among staff members, based on what they have been specifically recruited for.

Example 2 – How do you use your big data to encourage more efficient vehicle use?
The average fuel consumption per kilometer depends on the type of vehicle, type of driver, the weather and many more variables. How can you as a leasing company offer targeted advice to drivers so that they will drive (even more) efficiently? We took on this big data challenge with a complex multi-level analysis. With the assistance of this analysis method data patterns and links are visible that make it possible to look into the future (predictive analytics). And that way the leasing company can offer valuable input for optimal fuel and vehicle usage. The result? Cost saving and offering a contribution to a cleaner environment.

Tips for the improvement of big data
Wat je zelf bijvoorbeeld al kunt doen om je klantendatabase te verrijken is vragen stellen wanneer mensen zich inschrijven als klant. Dit kunnen drie korte vragen zijn waarbij het hoe dan ook nuttig is om naar de postcode te informeren.

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