GKE NV: insights research pears and concept test

GKE NV is widely known for its Kanzi and Greenstar apples. After having tasted success in the apple segment, GKE NV is now looking to expand into selling other types of fruit. In this context GKE NV wants to introduce a new type of pear.


GKE NV wishes to gain insights into the attitudes and behavior of consumers in different countries when buying and eating pears.
GKE also wants to present the new pear to consumers. This will enable GKE to create an optimal positioning for the new pear and to adjust the marketing communication strategy accordingly.



  • Motivaction conducted research in five different countries to gain insight into the behavior and attitudes of consumers concerning pears
  • Qualitative research, based on focus groups, was used to chart the triggers and barriers for buying and consuming pears
  • The new pear was also evaluated in terms of appearance, taste, texture and firmness.



  • GKE NV has gained insights into attitudes and behavior concerning the purchase and consumption of pears in different European countries
  • GKE NV has discovered the true potential of the new pear for different target groups (triggers and barriers), as well as the best way to position the new pear in the market and what the most important aspects are regarding appearance, taste, texture and firmness
  • The knowledge gathered provides new points of reference for optimizing policy and communication strategies
  • The new pear was introduced into the market in 2015

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