Habion: segmentation research future seniors

"The Motivaction lifestyle model helps us and the inhabitant searching for a fitting environment."
Jannette Spiering, Director Vivium Zorggroep Weesp - location Hogewey

Habion wanted to strengthen its position as an innovative specialist in residential accommodation for the elderly by researching residential care concepts for the future.
What will senior residential accommodation look like in the future?
Generating media attention for Habion as an innovative housing association in the context of senior care institutions.

  • Conducted segmentation research investigating the housing needs & wishes of future seniors.
  • Developed three concepts based on consumer wishes and socio-demographic trends.
  • Tested the appeal of these concepts using market research.
  • Involved Habion in the content and process at all stages (co-makership).



  • Three innovative residential care concepts for the future that are streamlined to fulfil the needs & wishes of the future residents.
  • Habion receives plenty of positive media attention and exposure in the institutional sector, care sector and other related sectors.



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