KPMG: development application for research

When researching customer satisfaction for their own projects, KPMG accountancy company uses a research tool developed by an IT agency. However, this research tool lacks any real methodological validation. Also the addition, modification and analysis of questions created problems.


Developing a robust, user-friendly application fulfilling KPMG’s needs.



  • Motivaction worked closely together with KPMG to develop a proposal and an end-product, in which KPMG could easily manage the questionnaire, dispatch and analysis themselves.
  • At every stage - from the kick-off onwards - the application designers, methodologists/researchers and the customer had direct lines of communication with each other.


  • An online application allowing KPMG to initiate customer satisfaction studies, compile and dispatch questionnaires completely independently.
  • Clear graphical reports are generated for management.
  • Reactions from customers and end-users are enthusiastic regarding the automatic personal feedback.
  • Motivaction is only brought in if KPMG lacks sufficient internal capacity to tackle projects itself, or to provide methodological support for specific studies.

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