Ministry of the Infrastructure and the Environment: research of development 'Randstad'

"The labour market is waiting for young people who can weld and make window frames."
Hans Kamps, Chairman of Algemene Uitzendondernemingen (ABU)

In the context of the Randstad 2040 project The Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (formerly VROM) wanted to gain insight into citizens’ preferences in terms of how the Randstad region in the West of the Netherlands should be developed and organized in the future. The Ministry of I&E worked together with De Publieke Zaak (a social innovation platform) and organized what was termed ‘a meaningful dialog’ between citizens, politicians and stakeholders.
Getting citizens actively involved in government policy-making and allowing them to make well-informed and balanced decisions.

  • Motivaction organized a large-scale online test among the Dutch population to quantify the issues raised during the dialog.
  • Developed a questionnaire in which citizens could express their views on themes such as open landscape and the economy, and a number of tricky dilemmas were also introduced.
  • Conducted a qualitative pilot in order to test the study.
  • Conducted the study among 12,000 Dutch people.
  • Tackled the problem that participants in this sort of research only form a select group, by conducting an additional research wave using Motivaction’s own StemPunt panel.


  • Cabinet Balkenende IV developed the Structural Concept Randstad 2040.
  • The wishes of the Dutch people clearly made an important contribution to this.



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