NOC*NSF: research of sports experience Dutch people

NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sport Federation) wants to get more people engaging in sport and so the organization needs more insight into how Dutch people perceive sport.


What we know: how you stand in life partly determines if you take part in sport, how often and which sporting activities you take part in.
What we don’t know: exactly how the value patterns of Dutch people influence their sporting behavior.



  • Motivaction explains the link between sporting behavior and values based on the Mentality model.
  • This makes it clear what the differences in perceptions of sport are between the different groups.
  • And how contact with these groups by the NOC*NSF and the various sport associations can be improved.


  • We now know for each Mentality milieu the extent to which each type of sport is practiced.
  • On the basis of the research results recommendations were made for how more people can be encouraged to participate in sport. And how local sports clubs and associations can attract new target groups and keep them as members.




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