Recognizability study Thuiswinkel Waarborg

Background is the inspiring digital commerce network that helps (web) stores that sell products and / or services to make their entrepreneurs and their employees to be more successful. It offers relevant and practical solutions with the Thuiswinkel Waarborg & Thuiswinkel Business, Thuiswinkel Reviews, legal tools, advocacy, (market) research and education platform Thuiswinkel e-Academy.



Commissioned by, Motivaction conducted a study into the awareness of the Thuiswinkel Waarborg logo among online shoppers. The aim was to demonstrate the value of the quality mark to current and potential customers of



An online survey was conducted among n = 1,015 people aged 15 years and older who shop online. This robust sample is perfect for further analysis to more specific target groups. The gross basic sample achieved was weighted based on the real ratios within the Dutch 15+ population.

In addition to testing the familiarity and importance of a quality mark in general and Thuiswinkel Waarborg in particular, the Thuiswinkel Waarborg logo has been compared to other quality marks.



Thuiswinkel Waarborg can demonstrate the relevance of its own label on the basis of data. The results showed that the Thuiswinkel Waarborg quality mark is very recognizable to consumers, and that the presence of the quality mark makes web shops more reliable.

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