Research target groups for 'Kustzone Almere'

"Motivaction has helped us to get a good picture of the target group for the 'Kustzone'. They dove deep into the promising Mentality segments. This enabled us to develop an appealing and consumer-oriented plan."
Erwin Evers, Marketing Manager at Amvest

As part of the ‘Schaalsprong’ urban expansion project, the municipality of Almere will be developing a multifaceted district in the Almere Poort area with both urbanized and suburban residential environments. The link with the Coastal zone along the IJmeer is a prominent component in this development. Property investor Amvest took part in the urban design competition organized by the municipality of Almere to generate plans for the future. Winning the competition means being awarded sole rights for the development of the Coastal zone in Almere Poort as a real beach resort.



  • Identifying target groups for the Coastal zone in Almere.
  • Translating these target groups’ residential needs into layout, housing programs and facilities in the Coastal zone of Almere Poort. What does a special residential environment need to offer in order to stand out against the rest of Almere and attract wealthy residential consumers?
  • Presenting the most appealing plan and winning the urban design competition.


  • On-site analysis (coastal strip and surroundings).
  • Matching the site-specific information to the residential needs/perceptions of the Mentality milieus (who suits this spot?).
  • Making recommendations for the best possible match between target groups and the program and for translating these recommendations in terms of developing homes, facilities and atmosphere.
  • Making recommendations for differentiating aspects that would tempt the target group to come and live in the Coastal zone (landmarks and communication).


  • Amvest and the developers gain a clear picture of which target groups are appropriate for the Coastal zone and which development route and program best suit these target groups.
  • Amvest won the urban design competition for the development of the Coastal zone in Almere


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