Staatsbosbeheer: respond to needs with Personas

"Professional, systematic and having knowledge of the sector, combined with pleasant and easy contact."
Diederik Heinink, Associate Director Corporate Communications at NIBC

As an independent body the Staatsbosbeheer (Forestry Commission) has been commissioned by The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (EL&I) to manage and develop Dutch natural landscape areas make them accessible to the Dutch population. Research indicates that clearly not all the people in the Netherlands want to spend their leisure time in Dutch nature in the ways generally made available.



  • How do you make sure that Dutch nature is compatible with the varying perceptions of Dutch citizens?
  • How do you change the mindset of Staatsbosbeheer staff so that they can handle perceptions of nature differing from their own?



Motivaction worked together with Staatsbosbeheer to develop 4 personas on the basis of recent data analysis, Mentality-based segmentation and quantitative research specifically exploring attitudes and behavioral patterns relating to spending leisure time in nature.


  • Four persona profiles were developed.
  • Broader-based consciousness of how nature is perceived by different types of Dutch people among the directors, field workers and terrain managers via in-company training sessions, posters and a film.
  • People who view nature as the decor for their activities are now taken more seriously within the organization. Customized propositions have been developed for these people.
  • Store turnover increased substantially by aligning the range offered in the outdoor centers (visitors’ centers) in the nature reserves to suit the different personas.



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