Unique: development tool for optimal match employer and employee

70% of all the people who give up their job do so because they don’t feel at home in the business culture. Despite the uncertainty of the current economic situation, the labor market remains under continued pressure. So the importance of successful labor market matching should not be underestimated: employers save costs and for employees it’s easier to find an employer they feel at home with.


How do you measure if a person and a company are compatible?



  • Motivaction and the employment agency Unique worked together to create the MentalityMatch: a method in which Motivaction’s Mentality segmentation model was applied to optimize every match between candidate and employer.
  • Candidates complete the online Mentality questionnaire.
  • Employees do a short test to see which milieus suit them best.



  • MentalityMatch helped Unique’s important customers to find more employees and ones who are compatible.
  • Several customers even found candidates that were more compatible than they’d hoped for.
  • Customers appreciate being at last able to include soft factors in the matching process.


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