Mentality™ is Motivaction’s unique values-and-lifestyle research tool that provides an effective look at target group classification and approach.

Mentality™ is the result of Motivaction’s unique, large-scale value and lifestyle research that offers an effective look at target group division and approach. With this tool organizations are able to better define, classify and approach their target audiences. It also helps to gain insights and understanding of what motivates your target audiences, how trends arise, and how you should operate in a broader context.

Traditionally, social and demographic characteristics have been considered influential to explain and predict individuals’ opinions and behavior. Over the years, these traditional divisions based on age, gender, education and income have become less powerful at successfully distinguishing different target audiences. Mentality™ has proven itself as successful tool to explain and understand individuals’ behavior. The Mentality model also allows us to understand why traditional characteristics cannot provide the best answers.

Would you like to know more about how the Mentality segmentation works? You can take the test here.





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