The socially-critical idealists who are interested in personal growth, want to make a statement against social injustice and defend the environment.


  • Self-development
  • Show solidarity and be socially engaged
  • Have non-material values

Society and politics

  • Socially and politically engaged
  • Reflective and critical
  • Demonstrate solidarity and tolerance
  • Internationally oriented

Work and performance

  • Not a central part of their lives
  • Seek balance between work and private life
  • Want work that contributes to society


  • Practical and principles
  • Not focused on consumption or entertainment
  • Frugal
  • Art and culture

Social relationships

  • Individualistic
  • Partners have their own group of friends


  • More women than men
  • Fewer young people
  • More people with a higher educational level
  • All income levels
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