The moralistic, conscientious middle class who are focused on the status quo and hold onto traditions and material possessions.



  • Hold on to traditional standards and values
  • Family as the cornerstone of society
  • Strive to live a peaceful, harmonious life


Society and politics

  • Engaged
  • Show solidarity with minorities and concerned about the environment
  • National/local focus
  • Accept authority and rules


Work and performance

  • Subordinate to family life
  • Disciplined



  • Sense of duty
  • Order, regularity and discipline
  • Risk-averse
  • Austere and frugal
  • Focused on passive enjoyment


Social relationships

  • Focus on family (immediate and extended)
  • Seek harmony, gravitate towards like-minded people
  • Traditional allocation of roles



  • More women than men
  • Very few young people
  • Fewer people with a higher educational level
  • Often have average income

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