Foreign Affairs Article - Millennial Values

What the Young Want Around the World

By Martijn Lampert and Haroon Sheikh

Whereas older generations voted Leave, polls showed the British youth strongly favored remaining in the European Union. Baby boomers might be more nationalist and nostalgic for independence, but the young consider themselves citizens of the global village. This is how we generally view Millennials: they are post-materialist, favor collaboration over competition and are democratic, cosmopolitan and progressive. And through this lense we tend to look at this generation worldwide.

The Millennials are 2 billion strong and the large majority is living in developing economies. Their values are much more diverse than we think, a factor that is too easily overlooked. Martijn Lampert and Haroon Sheikh have analyzed data on the values of Millennials in several Western European countries, the United States, China, Russia and Turkey, based on the Glocalities survey that was held in 24 countries early this year. They found that in emerging markets, the dreams, ambitions and outlook on life of Millennials are different from their peers in the west. Moreover, many Millennials strongly adhere to values peculiar to their country and culture.

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Source: Foreign Affairs, 07.07.2016



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