Qualitative Research: Comprehensive Insights into Your Target Group

Precisely matching the requirements and wishes of your target group when you have a clear image of what drives and stimulates people. What are the triggers, setbacks and underlying emotions that influence the behavior of people, either consciously or subconsciously? You discover it with Motivaction’s qualitative research.


What does it entail?

Qualitative research discovers the processes and meanings behind people’s attitudes, behavior, emotions and motivations. If offers the possibility to allow respondents to view something, test or try something, and to ask for a response. In this way you get direct insight into the reception of your advertisement, product or service. Where quantitative research offers results in the form of figures and percentages, qualitative research answers the how-and-why questions. Here it does not concern an average, but rather all possible opinions that can be present within the target group. Because the respondents are triggered to actively think along about a subject, many more options and possibilities are discovered than with quantitative research.


What does it offer?

Insight into sociological and psychological factors that influence people and the link between the variables which are at play for instance with the purchase of a product. In addition to a report upon completion, you will also gain direct insight into your target group, because as a client you can follow the interviews or group discussions via a one-way-mirror or closed video circuit. These insights allow you to, among other things:

  • Make and substantiate strategic decisions
  • Optimize communications
  • Lay the basis for innovations
  • Make go/no go decisions regarding new concepts
  • Reveal all necessary input that can be tested in quantitative research

Research methods

Qualitative research at Motivaction is tailor-made: in consultation (with you), we adjust the substantiation on your objective or research question. Our professional and experienced discussion leaders and researchers carry out the professional research. The respondents for qualitative research are selected by our in-house selection bureau M-Select, the Community of Motivaction. The research methods that we regularly deploy are:


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