Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction lies at the heart of nearly every business process

Almost every organization needs customers to survive. Satisfied customers are vitally important to organizations. Satisfied, and particularly, loyal customers act as ambassadors for your company, keep coming back and – importantly – generate more profit.


What is a customer satisfaction survey?

The name says it all: surveying the satisfaction and loyalty of customers. Customer satisfaction may be divided into several pre-determined dimensions such as personnel, price, product or service offering, complaints and availability, and those dimensions that must be filled in on a customer-specific basis. This type of survey provides insight into every dimension of your customers’ satisfaction, and connects these to loyalty, overall satisfaction and to one another. This results in detailed information on the strong and weak performance aspects of your organization and the areas for improvement.


How does it work in practice?

Together with you, the client, we translate the various dimensions ­­­– the standard dimensions and those that are specific to your organization – into concrete aspects which will be clear for your customers. Based on this, we draw up a questionnaire which customers may usually complete by telephone or via the Internet. To determine the degree of loyalty, we usually use the Net Promotor Score (NPS). In several cases, we also apply qualitative research to choose and denote dimensions.


How can a customer satisfaction survey benefit you?

  • In-depth insight into the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers
  • Insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your performance
  • Points of departure you can use to improve your (work) processes, and adapt them to your customers’ wishes.
  • The mere fact that you are conducting a survey sends a positive signal to your customers.

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