Influencing Behavior: Influence Your Target Group’s Behavior

Governments at all levels to lead the behavior of people in many aspects. Our behavior should be more healthy, sustainable, safer, social and more responsible in many situations.

The traditional instruments such as regulation and communication are supplemented with insights from the behavioral scientists. Insight into the psychology behind conscious, but largely also subconscious behavioral choices increase the effectiveness of policy and reduce expensive failures.

Or as the Cabinet puts it: "Via laws and regulations, financial incentives and/or communication the government encourages forms of desired behavior and slows undesirable behavior. The behavioral scientists teach us that the image of people as conscious, rational decision-makers is incomplete and that there are conditions where people behave differently. Behavioural scientific knowledge can assist the government to make policy more effective and efficient."
Source: Letter from the Dutch House of Representatives 4.12.2014

Motivaction has a wealth of experience with psychological behavioral influences for governments and non-profit organizations. In this way we also draw on the experience which is acquired daily in the world of commercial marketing.


How do we work:

  • Analysis of behavior
  • Segmentation with target group
  • Strategy choice and elaboration of the means


Ten types of influences on behavior can be:

  • Familiarity, understanding and experience of the message
  • Sender: Credibility
  • Personal cost-assets deliberation
  • Societal cost-assets deliberation
  • Personal value fit of new behavior
  • Social environment fit of new behavior
  • Routines with instrumental and emotional functions
  • Personal obstacles fear
  • Physical and organizational context of behavior
  • Societal context


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