Job market research

With our job market research we look at the image of employers and how it influences new employees, how different generations work together, types of employees in certain function and the wishes and needs of people within organizations.

A look at the future

We look for trends in society related to work and organizations. Because of this we notice the changes in the job market: agile work is the new standard, relationships with colleagues become more personal, employee mentality shifts and with that the role of managers. Employees want a quick follow-up on arrangements that have been made and like to contribute new ideas to the company.

Why job market research?

Employees want to work for an organization with which they can identify. On the other hand organizations prefer to employ someone who is already a great fit in terms of profile and values. Job market research enables you to identify wishes, preferences and ambitions of current and potential employees as well as the organization. It allows you to better position your company within the job market and to attract those employees you want and need.

How does it work in practice?

We have a broad range of tools that allow us to map out an organization’s identity and image, while also identifying the values and ambitions of its employees. Based on our segmentation research and value profiles we compare a company profiles with that of its (potential) employees.  

What does it offer?

Job market research provides you with clear insights and concrete tools for your internal as well as external communication, marketing and HRM strategies. The results these studies help you find those employees that fit your business.

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