“Motivaction helpt ons om het effect van Giro555-campagnes te meten en de drivers achter geefgedrag naar boven te krijgen. Zij stellen zich in het proces heel proactief en servicegericht op. De resultaten geven ons goede handvatten voor de toekomst.”
Titia Wenneker, Online Coordinator Giro555

Charitable organisations are facing ever-growing challenges. While they have to put an increasing amount of effort into attracting new donors, it is also becoming more difficult to keep their current donors loyal to the cause. Young people in particular usually do not donate on a regular basis. They prefer to help on the occasion that they feel (temporarily) connected to a charity or cause. Not periodically donating money, but donating time every now and then is on the rise.

As a charity, how can you respond to this shifting mentality? While also keeping track of your current, regular donors. Your first step should be to carefully map out these different donor groups. Who are they? Where do new opportunities arise? And all the while: how can you prevent permanent donors from leaving because of these new actions?

You also need to think from the point of view of your target audience: which fundraising strategies are effective among these groups, how do they rate the campaigns? What effect does your communication strategy have on the image of your charity and therefore the intention to donate?

Motivaction is happy to help you get an overview of the questions you need answered. Through market research, you gain insight into your target audience, how you successfully address them and how you improve or maintain the organisation's reputation. It helps you to find answers to questions such as:

  • Where is the potential in the fundraising market, and through which channels do you reach these audiences?
  • Through what support (other than financial contributions) do people want to do something for your organisation?
  • What communication methods can you use to increase the loyalty of your donors?
  • What is the image of the organisation among your (potential) target group, and how can you improve this?
  • Do your campaigns meet the objectives, or can you further optimize them?

Our many years of experience in this sector also helps us to understand trends and to benchmark outcomes. Not only do you get customized advice, but you can also compare your results with other organisations in the market so you have even more knowledge of what's going on.


Tailored research methods

A suitable research method can be found for each issue. To ensure that you receive the information that will help you further, you can choose the following research methods at Motivaction:

  • Target group research: map out who (potential) donors, volunteers or interested parties are and where you can reach them.
  • Donor data analysis: gain insight into the values and lifestyle of your current supporters by analysing the (address) data in your donor database. Based on this, we can also target potential donors via Facebook and banners, among other options.
  • e-Safari: discover the habits, preferences and lifestyles of (potential) donors or otherwise interested parties.
  • Stakeholder and reputation research: look at your reputation from the perspective of your stakeholders and discover where there is room for improvement.
  • Concept and pretesting: predict the appreciation and effect of your (advertising) campaign among different target groups and get suggestions for improvement.
  • Donor arena: under the guidance of experienced researchers, enter into a discussion with donors in front of (part of) the organisation.

Please contact Cecilia Keuchenius for more information about research possibilities.

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