“Motivaction helpt ons om het effect van Giro555-campagnes te meten en de drivers achter geefgedrag naar boven te krijgen. Zij stellen zich in het proces heel proactief en servicegericht op. De resultaten geven ons goede handvatten voor de toekomst.”
Titia Wenneker, Online Coordinator Giro555

The rise of a pragmatic idealism in society presents an opportunity, yet also a challenge when it comes to the existing methods used in the sector. Professionalization and building loyalty Organizations serving a good cause are becoming more professional at a rapid rate. Marketing communications, branding, positioning and segmentation are being introduced on an increasing level in the philosophy of a sector driven by ideals. Research is playing an increasingly prominent role in finding answers to fundamental questions; a ‘gut feeling’ is no longer enough. Motivaction can provide you with answers to questions such as: How can my organization set itself apart from other charity organizations in a sustainable manner? How can we obtain loyalty from young people and volunteers, and how can we communicate effectively? How can we respond to the high demand for transparency? How can we reach new donors? How can we keep existing donors, and generate a higher return from their involvement?

Practical applications Motivaction has extensive experience with research for charity organizations, particularly when it comes to positioning, communications and capitalizing on social trends. The tried and tested Mentality model provides us with a practical tool that offers you information you can apply to marketing and organizational issues.

Our InnerWorld method gives you insight into the subconscious perceptions people have about your brand. Our charity Mentality module helps you map out the positioning of your organization. Through our partnership with WDM, we can provide you with a practical translation of insights into membership databases and help you identify the zip code areas with the highest potential.  Our media studies will help you make choices and set priorities involving communications and media channels. Via our online StemPunt panel that we use for qualitative and quantitative research, we administer concept and communications tests to help you get the maximum return from your fund-raising and membership campaigns. Using impact assessments, we determine whether your investments have had the desired effect among your core target groups.  We also provide strategic advice based on our target group and trend knowledge, for example, in the choices of ambassadors and collaborative partners.

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