“In de samenwerking heb ik veel flexibiliteit ervaren: in het geval van aanvullende ad-hoc verzoeken van onze klanten, wordt altijd direct tijd en ruimte gemaakt om het op te lossen, zowel binnen als buiten kantooruren. Dat is heel prettig en geeft vertrouwen en comfort.”
Meike Fijneman, Senior Consultant KPMG

Within consultancy there is a growing emphasis on strong brand positioning and customer relations. For business service providers and consultants this means they must develop an effective strategy to bind customers for the long term. Thought leadership and knowledge development play a big role in this. How can you position yourself?  How to help customers in developing a vision, and how to put this in practice?

To answer these questions and more, you need an effective strategy for the long term. Motivaction can help you with this.


Support your choices with data

To set up a good strategy you need relevant knowledge about organisation, the target group and the market you are focusing on. With market research you can achieve the following:

  • You get to know your target group and how you can reach them effectively
  • Position your organisation successfully in a competitive environment
  • Know what current customers think of your organization and increase their satisfaction
  • Respond to upcoming trends that will influence the market


How can Motivaction help you?

With over 35 years of market research experience, we use our specific knowledge to provide insight into various issues. We do this using the following methods:

  • Thought leadership research: use Motivaction as your support system during research, we streamline the process while you stay in control
  • Stakeholders- and reputation research: view your reputation from a stakeholder perspective
  • Image research: discover how external target groups view and value your organisation
  • Customer satisfaction research: optimise your performance by measuring customer satisfaction related to your services and the organisation in general
  • Brand recognition research: find out whether the target group is familiar with a product or organisation, and whether brand awareness can be increased.
  • Positioning research: determine your ideal position in the market based on research
  • Communication research: determine how to reach your audience and how to encourage them to act


Want to know more?

We can support you throughout the entire process, but also assist you with specific parts of a project such as drawing samples or facilitating your own research design. For more information, contact Kevin Miley or Irene Zondervan.


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