"The collaboration with Motivaction is characterized by great enthusiasm and thinking along, and an attractive and useful end result."
Lisette Kaupmann, Innovator Sustainability and Renweal at Stedin

The energy sector is in flux. Europe and its member states have come to agreements for 2020, the Dutch ‘Klimaatakkoord’ has been signed and technological innovations are following each other up in quick succession. To help you understand these developments and stay up-to-date we offer several types of research:

  • Strategic research (future scenarios)
  • Positioning research
  • Communication research (strategy and resources)
  • The development of personas
  • Customer satisfaction surveys (consumer and business)
  • Churn / retention


Effective communication on sustainability

Every day the press writes about the good, the bad and the ugly parts of sustainability. Many people lose their overview because of this, and don't know what information is actually correct. Others can handle this constant stream of information just fine. These differences between citizens are very important. Who can you stimulate to become socially active in this field? Who cares less about the climate? What motives and drivers do the different types of consumers have to substantiate their choices? To answer your question, you can use the knowledge in the whitepaper 'Five shades greener' (dutch). In this whitepaper we focus on the sociological side of the story, making it clear that on research-based groups deal with energy and sustainability in their own ways.


The influence of churn and switch factors

Your retention strategy starts as soon as a customer joins your organisation. Loyalty is built through good service, but also through positioning, brand loading and reputation. We know the different types of energy consumers and their motives to stay or go.

A bad experience or discount action by a competitor can be a reason to go, but brands with a strong position are better able to cope with these influences. Our research gives you insights into the effects of switch factors and concrete advice on how to retain profitable customers.


HIER Klimaatbureau

Gerard van der Werf is an expert in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. In addition, he is a member of the Supervisory Board of HIER Klimaatbureau. This social organisation focuses on the subject of climate change and involves citizens of the Netherlands in their efforts.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities for research? Please contact Gerard van der Werf.

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