Financial and Business Services

"De samenwerking met Motivaction voelt zowel op de zachte als op de harde kant heel goed: deskundige mensen die meedenken, goed bereikbaar zijn en ons op basis van goed onderzoek ons adequaat adviseren.” 
Mylène Caris, Manager Marketing & Communicatie AZL

Restoration of trust in the financial sector
The financial sector is under pressure. Following the credit crisis, confidence in the sector dropped sharply. The restoration of consumer confidence and the retention and development of strong and trustworthy brands are significant challenges facing banks, insurers and retirement funds. Mergers and acquisitions in the sector are also presenting new challenges for marketers, strategists and HR managers. How can you recruit customers and gain their loyalty with a renewed and relevant message? How can you obtain and retain support, including internally within your organization? How capable are you of responding to the ‘back-to-basics’ need of consumers, and the demand for transparency?

Motivaction knows financial consumers and the sector, through and through. We assist our clients in defining (or redefining) their relationship with consumers, based on research on their image, decision-making processes and the motives of their customers. With our job market research, we can offer you input for recruiting and retaining personnel, and formulating and anchoring core values internally in your organization. We are also experts in the field of research on support and solidarity, and have a vast network at our disposal for the exchange of knowledge and stakeholder and image research.

Thought leadership in the business services sector
In the business services sector, working on strong brand positioning and customer relationships is increasing in importance. The economic crisis has had a heavy impact on companies, and the role of government is subject to change. For business services providers, this means that an effective strategy must be developed to acquire a long-term commitment from customers, one that fits within the company’s own organization, unique knowledge and positioning.

Thought leadership, branding and the development of knowledge are increasingly important for providers of business services. How can you help your customers to develop a vision in turbulent times, and how can you assist them in making this vision operational in their daily business practices? Monitoring and researching trends plays an important role in this regard. Motivaction has various tools and facilities available for meeting business services providers' information and publicity needs, and to work with them on internal and external branding issues.


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