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RegioPlus uses the expertise of Motivaction for research into the effectiveness of the campaign 'Week of Care and Welfare'. I sat down with experts and tenacious researchers who know what they are talking about. Thanks to Motivaction we evaluate the Week of Care and Welfare effectively and we receive recommendations which we actually can improve into the campaign of the Week of Care and Welfare!"
Coco Heitink, Communicatieadviseur bij RegioPlus

Healthcare patients can now choose where they want to go to receive care. That is why a good marketing strategy is becoming increasingly important for health care institutions. An difficult labour market and a shortage of employees also require a strong personnel policy. These are challenges that require a lot of attention but shouldn’t impact the high quality of care.

In order to determine the right policy and marketing strategy for your situation, you need specific information about your target group. Which communication style do patients like? With which terms of employment do you convince young talent?


Market research in health care

The above questions can be answered through market research. We help you to understand what citizens, patients and employees think is important. You can then:

  • Determine what the optimal positioning of your organization is and where points of improvement can be found
  • Discover what types of care clients there are and how to reach each group effectively
  • Identify the needs of target groups within your area of care and adjust your policy accordingly
  • Determine how to set up a HR-strategy that connects new employees to your organisation


Three types of healthcare consumers

There is no fixed type of healthcare client. Everyone experiences the world from their own situation and perspective. One client prefers an online consultation and wants to find out for himself which care fits best, while someone else has a higher need for personal contact and clear advice. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, we have defined three types of healthcare consumers:

  • The less self-sufficient healthcare consumer
  • The pragmatic healthcare consumer
  • The socially critical healthcare consumer

This concrete classification provides insight into the perceptions and actual needs of each type of healthcare client.  By connecting healthcare and services to this, you increase consumer satisfaction and the quality of care.  Would you like to know more about these healthcare consumers? Download now the whitepaper 'Wat werkt bij wie' (Dutch).


How can Motivaction help you?

With our extensive market research experience, we offer an integrated approach that allows you to determine your focus and unique position in the market and helps you increase the quality of your services. We do this by using the following methods:

  • Blinkr: match patient and healthcare provider based on personal preferences, empathy style and personality
  • Target group analysis: identify your target group or find out who else you can help with your product or service
  • Positioning research: take your ideal position within the market based on research
  • WorkMotiv: increase the satisfaction of (healthcare) employees by conducting employee surveys on a regular basis

We know which types of consumers live in the areas surrounding your healthcare institution, provide new insights into the client's experience and offer links to policy with concrete advice and clear reports.

Would you like to know more about how we can help organisations within the healthcare sector? Please contact Lonneke Gijsbers or Marcel Voorn.

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