"Commitments are honoured, clear reports and concrete recommendations: what more can a client wish for?"
Eric-Jan van der Berg, Research and Information employee, RAI Vereniging (Automotive Branch Association)

Taking control of the production and marketing chain
Consumer and stakeholder marketing, employee satisfaction and corporate social responsibility are becoming increasingly important in industry. The power and influence end users have is tangible, and industry is making more attempts to take charge of the entire production and marketing chain.

Industry is a large sector in the Dutch economy and makes a substantial contribution to employment and exports. Although the food and luxury food industry is the largest subsector, other subsectors such as chemicals, electrotechnical, metals and mechanical engineering are also significant. International competition and costs play a major role in the industrial sector, and employment issues also crop up on a regular basis. Low-skilled labor jobs in industry in particular are disappearing to the low-wage countries. What remains (or should remain) is high-quality knowledge. Companies and government agencies could choose a spearhead to keep the Netherlands’ competitive position up to standard.

Thorough knowledge of trends in society, on the opinions and preferences of end consumers and important stakeholders is indispensable in order to be able to operate effectively. We have an extensive network of stakeholders, a large consumer panel for research, and geographical knowledge of the population of the region in which you operate.

Motivaction conducts research on a regular basis for the industrial sector, and can answer questions such as:

  • How can you effectively deal with problems and nuisance for local residents, and how can you get them involved in decisions?
  • How can you work with a brand portfolio?
  • What is the image among important stakeholders and what role does sustainability play in this?
  • What kind of image does the industry have in the press, and how may this be influenced?
  • How can you make consumers aware of the ingredients you supply?
  • How loyal are your employees?

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