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“The collaboration with the people at Motivaction is great: they listen, think along and are always looking for solutions to our research questions.”
Minke Mennen, Marketing Data Analist NRC

The battle for the media consumer
The media market is in a perpetual state of motion. Not only do companies compete for advertisers, but they are also engaged in a battle to attract readers, listeners, viewers and Internet surfers. The sector is looking for new business models that are suitable for the times we live in. The technological possibilities are expanding rapidly, and the influence and relevance of social media are increasing. These developments have created substantial new challenges for the sector.

Editorial offices are looking for unique ways to communicate, and for content that will affect consumers. Advertising sales departments are looking for the right arguments and proposals to use in offering their media to advertisers. Media agencies are looking for new calculation models and platforms with which they can effectively follow and control the effects of campaigns. In addition to quantitative data on range and effect, an increasing need is visible in the market for qualitative data on the medium’s perception and reach, and the social environment of the core target audiences.

Media research in practice
Motivaction knows what motivates media consumers.


  • We are specialized in readership studies.
  • We offer you detailed information on the media user profiles, including social media users.
  • We offer editorial offices insights that enable them to customize their medium as closely as possible to their core target audience; we do this using the tried-and-tested Mentality research, among other tools.
  • We offer advertising sales departments arguments they can use in offering their medium to advertisers.
  • Since qualitative reach statistics are also important, we have developed the Mentality Match based on our Mentality research.
  • We offer media organizations the possibility to set up their own reader or viewer panels.
  • For media agencies, we have an infrastructure that may be custom-designed for testing the effects of campaigns.
  • We help editorial offices to obtain newsworthy insights based on nationally representative and easy-to-deploy public opinion studies.

Download ons onderzoeksrapport 'Talkshowgasten' (2016)

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