Ik heb dit jaar heel prettig samengewerkt met Motivaction voor een kwalitatief onderzoek voor ons tv-programma "Wie is de Mol?". Ik kende Motivaction vooral van naam, maar in de praktijk blijkt dat het inderdaad een fijn en professioneel bureau is met een prettig team. Het kwalitatieve team was deskundig, vriendelijk en gedurende het gehele traject flexibel en snel.
Marieke Woltil-De Cleir, marktonderzoeker bij AVROTROS

The media consumer

Media consumers have an increasingly wide choice in channels, brands, titles, broadcasters and programs to choose from. Because of this their media use becomes more fragmented. Technological innovations, such as the shift to online and social media, keep the media landscape in a constant state innovation and change.

Consumers are becoming increasingly selective in their choices and are looking for distinctive senders. How can you, as a media platform, continue to respond to the needs of consumers? We help media brands and media agencies to manifest themselves in an innovative way.


Why choose market research?

The modern media landscape demands continuous insight into the wishes and needs of different types of media consumers. Media research by Motivaction helps you to develop a relevant offer that is tailored to your target group, and to make strategic and editorial choices.

With this type of research you can achieve the following:

  • Identify relevant trends and developments to anticipate and stay ahead of the competition
  • Determine the ideal position and image of your brand and base your new strategy or media campaign on this
  • Identify and analyse your target group(s) so that you can better meet their needs and current media consumption
  • Develop and test media campaigns and concepts for optimal results
  • Communicate more effectively with your target group by taking their preferences into account


What research methods can you use?

We deal with all kinds of issues and offer innovative solutions that are well thought-out yet also pragmatic. Motivaction conducts research for publishers, broadcasters and channels and uses the following methods: 

  • Media report Mentality: the media use of your target group is identified, so that you know where and how to reach them.
  • Conceptfactory: develop services, products and campaigns based on consumer insights to increase the chances of success.
  • Personas: bring the media consumer to life by turning your target group into a concrete description of a person
  • Range research: gain insight into the range of your station, titles or channel
  • Communication and branding: achieve your goals by testing the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Communication Analytics: evaluate the effect of your cross-media campaigns and increase the ROI of your media efforts.


Who are we working with?

We work with a wide variety of media parties, including:

Please note that the cases mentioned here are all in Dutch.

Want to know more about media research? Please contact Henriët Hensen.

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