Public sector

"Motivaction is a renowned market research firm. I experience that in working together: which is pleasant, professional and decisive. By sharp questioning and thinking along we managed to get the right question on the table." 
Martin Noordzij, strategy & research advisor Communications at province Noord-Brabant  

Which factors are at work in the public sector?
The public sector belongs to all of us. However, the reality of administrators is often far removed from that of the citizens they serve. For citizens, the government is usually no longer recognizable. For local governments, it is a major challenge to reach both those citizens who are skeptical as well as those who actively stay informed. Operating and working on the basis of trust is necessary if government agencies hope to make any progress. To do this, it is necessary to distinguish between how people view the government, and the ways in which they may be reached and can get involved. Thanks to the Citizenship Styles tool, we have the most adequate knowledge of citizens' perceptions at our disposal. We provide policymakers with insight into:


  • What is important to citizens
  • What the support is for policy
  • Which communications tools have the most potential for success

Social cohesion and participation
New policy can only succeed if it has sufficient support from the population. If policymakers know what is important to the population segments, they will be able to apply this knowledge in the choice and development of policy instruments. We have clear insight into the determinants of social cohesion.

Our database contains extensive Mentality data on types of community spirit, participation, care and social involvement. Each group makes its own personal contribution to society, and if a suitable approach is taken, they can be stimulated to participate. We can help you with an analysis and customized advice for promoting social cohesion in your community. Our work with Advisory Panels will help generate rapid and effective answers to your questions.

Government communications
The insight offered by the Citizenship Styles tool makes it clear how policymakers and information officials can best reach the various segments in the population. Using quantitative analyses, we identify the media and communications behavior of the various citizenship styles. We help you determine the right tone to use, study which channels may best be used to reach citizens, and the locations at which they may come in contact with your message. In order to brief administrators, executive bodies and other concerned parties, and to provide them with insight, we offer our clients workshops, lectures, discussions and creative sessions.

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