“Motivaction offers an outstanding value for money, they are very sympathetic and personally involved with their clients. They keep up with the times and offer innovative solutions for a wide range of issues. I am 100% happy with our collaboration!”
Jack Stroeken, EKOMENU BV

Customer satisfaction and effective promotional campaigns
In the retail sector, thorough knowledge of consumers’ preferences and purchasing incentives is indispensable. Retail formulas are constantly subject to change, and must respond continuously to the spirit of the times. This is why it is also important to make the right choices when it comes to product range, quality, pricing, shelf position, promotions and the positioning of own brands versus those of brand manufacturers. Location, staff, service, the layout and degree of convenience for customers in the store and on the shelves are strong mainstays determining customer satisfaction for retailers, and for the retail trade.

Satisfied customers
With the right knowledge acquired from research, you can improve the return on investments in marketing & communications considerably. Satisfied customers come back, and make a substantial contribution to the returns experienced by retailers. Motivaction studies the effects of your marketing & communications efforts, and shows you which ones affect your customers and which don’t. For example, we study:

  • The results of sampling campaigns
  • The valuation and perception of in-store advertising
  • The returns from customer loyalty systems and promotional campaigns
  • Communications and packaging tests
  • The distinctive power of brands

Mentality analysis of purchasing behavior and service area
Based on our Mentality research on target groups, we perform a geographic analysis of the retailers’ service area so that you can estimate a business location’s potential success. Thanks to our partnership with associate firm GFK, it is possible to monitor the market share and actual purchasing behavior for specific Mentality target groups such as the more sizeable, modern middle-class or the innovative post-modern hedonists.

Personnel and company pride
A retailer’s image is not only determined by advertising. Personnel and word-of-mouth advertising play an equally significant role in this. When employees are proud of the company they work for (and company pride thus develops from the inside out), service to and loyalty from customers becomes a lot easier and more effective. With our CIPA (Corporate Image and Performance Analysis) and job market studies, we offer a range of options for improving satisfaction, loyalty and service.

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