“The image study of Motivaction amongst pupils from the 8th grade showed crystal clear how they viewed our school. The team was immediately convinced that we needed to work on our appearance, because that image did not apply with how we are or how we with regards to some points wanted to be.” 
Kees Laan, rector Bertrand Russell college

 M-Science: Scientific research for universities and knowledge institutes

Are you looking for a fast, efficient way to collect data? That also meets scientific standards? Motivaction can help you with this:

  • Sample only
  • For fieldwork projects
  • Entire research trajectories
  • Support in carrying out online, written or face-to-face research


Data collection through our own certified panel

The StemPunt-panel can be used to collect scientific data. With this panel you have quick and continuous access to population segments relevant to you and can draw representative samples from the Dutch population between 15 and 80 years old. You can also use M-Select to select respondents for (online) qualitative research using Motivaction.

Motivaction takes care of programming the questionnaires for you (where necessary), the execution of the fieldwork and cleaning up the data.


More information?

Curious about reference projects and what Motivaction can do for you? Please contact Jeroen de Bruijn.


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