Transportation and Mobility

"Motivaction distinguishes itself positively regarding seniority. You notice that in the advisory role and the substantiation of conclusions and recommendations."
Lisa Eijkens, Senior Product Marketeer at Intercity Brussel

Dutch citizens have increasing expectations and demands when it comes to (public) transport. They want to be on time, well informed and travel comfortably. In addition, increasing competition in the transport sector makes customer experience and satisfaction more important.

Sustainability also plays a major role, in both the transport and aviation sectors. For years this topic was mainly discussed behind the scenes, but now it is a public issue. Consumers are aware of environmentally friendly travel, both on holiday and in their commute, and even select their transport based on it.

How do you deal with these developments as travel industry? Do you still address your audience in the right way? And how do you choose a sustainable message that suits your target group?


Answers through market research

The above challenges and social trends make target group thinking in these sectors more common and relevant, also for your organization. Market research gives you insight into your audience and answers to the following questions:

  • What barriers do people experience when using public transport?
  • Do Dutch people experience flying shame and how do you deal with it?
  • How do you build a strong brand in this sector?
  • Which triggers can you use to make people travel outside rush hour?


Tailor-made research and advice

Whatever your question is, we will help you find the most effective approach to it. With our extensive research experience, we create tailor-made solutions for each issue and will help you achieve maximum results.

We use the following research methods:

  • Concept and pretesting: test your (advertising) campaign before publishing it and improve your messaging where possible.
  • Concept development: take the customer need as a starting point for product or service development and create a sharp proposition.
  • Customer journey: map contact moments with your customers to optimize their experience.
  • Target group analysis: gain insight into who your target group is and which other groups you can still appeal to.
  • Personas: bring the traveler to life by describing your target group as real people
  • Positioning research: occupy the ideal position within the market based on well-founded data
  • Stakeholder and reputation research: view your reputation from a stakeholder perspective
  • Labour market research: find out how to appeal to new talent and ensure that current employees want to stay on


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