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President Xi Jinping of the People's Republic of China visits the Netherlands on March 22 and 23. With 1.3 billion potential customers and a rapidly emerging middle class, China is a market not to be missed for Dutch companies. Today we publish the first International Mentality Flash Report based Motivaction research in 20 countries. The report focuses on the differences between Chinese and Europeans when it comes to lifestyle, leisure and value orientations.
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Shopper Decision Journey 2.0

Insight into the Shopper Decision Journey has become indispensable for both manufacturers and retailers. Due to the increasing power of trading partners, more and more manufacturers are focusing on B2B issues and the rising importance of the shop floor for push and pull strategies. It is therefore not surprising that trade marketing and shopper research are becoming embedded in these organizations on an increasing basis. Retailers are also recognizing the importance of knowledge about the people coming into their store; after all, 70% of purchasing decisions are made by customers as they stand in front of store shelves.
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In order to discover consumers’ true thoughts and perceptions, you would probably prefer to be able to look right into their heads. Motivaction has found a method that provides a glimpse inside consumers’ inner perceptions: InnerWorld. This sophisticated tool will provide you with the insights you need to truly set your brand and product range apart.
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The SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) sector is the economic engine of the Netherlands. However, there is relatively little known about the diversity of SMEs. This sector is a colorful parade of diverse types of entrepreneurs. Motivaction has developed the BusinessLocus model on the basis of large-scale research into the motives, ambitions and values of entrepreneurs. This model divides SMEs into six practical entrepreneurial styles.
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Europe's Eurosceptics

Reuters: Far-right Eurosceptics in France, Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium have far more in common...

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Similarities and differences

Economist: I have long had a sneaking suspicion that Tea Party voters and eurosceptics are more or less the same sorts...

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Youth unemployment Europe

The Chinese news agency Xinhua made a documentary about the limitless generation en unemployment.

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Surprising new insights into conscious (or subconscious) behavior.

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