Verheggen - candidate for ESOMAR Council

Pieter Paul Verheggen, Managing Director of Motivaction, has been nominated as a candidate for the forthcoming ESOMAR Council elections. The Council acts as the management board of ESOMAR and sets the agenda for the worldwide Market Research Association. 

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The disruptive mindset of millennials

San Francisco, May 30 – Millennial consumers around the world are more than 2 billion strong and the first generation raised during the internet age. Martijn Lampert from Motivaction presents the largest in-depth survey of millennial values around the world at the Startup and Tech mixer event on May 30 in San Francisco.
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It is crucial for organizations to have the best understanding possible of future developments. A necessary condition for success is knowledge of fundamental trends and how these can differ from each other locally and relate to each other worldwide.
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Metroconsumers on the move

By the year 2030 approximately 5 billion people will be living in cities. These 'Metroconsumers' represent an important subject for research, both from a sociological viewpoint as well as for their consumption patterns. A continuously growing, colorful, and affluent target group is waiting for brands that challenge, excite and stimulate. How can they attract their attention and respond to their needs, attitudes and shared values?
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Shopper Decision Journey 2.0

Insight into the Shopper Decision Journey has become indispensable for both manufacturers and retailers. Due to the increasing power of trading partners, more and more manufacturers are focusing on B2B issues and the rising importance of the shop floor for push and pull strategies. It is therefore not surprising that trade marketing and shopper research are becoming embedded in these organizations on an increasing basis. Retailers are also recognizing the importance of knowledge about the people coming into their store; after all, 70% of purchasing decisions are made by customers as they stand in front of store shelves.
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In order to discover consumers’ true thoughts and perceptions, you would probably prefer to be able to look right into their heads. Motivaction has found a method that provides a glimpse inside consumers’ inner perceptions: InnerWorld. This sophisticated tool will provide you with the insights you need to truly set your brand and product range apart.
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Sustainability press release

Public support for sustainability stronger in China than in the US and Europe. Environmental supporters in China are driven by conservatism and technology, in US and Europe they adhere to progressive values.

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Environmentalists - report

BRUSSELS, May 7 2014 (Reuters) - In China 64 percent identify themselves as environmentalists.

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Youth unemployment Europe

The Chinese news agency Xinhua made a documentary about the limitless generation en unemployment.

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Surprising new insights into conscious (or subconscious) behavior.

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