Segmentation increases your effectivity

Basic model Mentality

Mentality™ is the unique value and lifestyle research from Motivaction that offers an effective look at target group division and approach.

Thanks to research into people’s experiences, our customers enjoy more insight into how their target groups move, how trends exist and into which wider contexts they operate. Mentality™ has proved itself as a better means to explain and understand people’s behavior and to then understand the traditional divisions on the basis of age, gender, education and income. With this, the research method offers you a very effective input for marketing and communication strategy.



What are the benefits of using Mentality?

Direct benefits

  • Insight into groups of consumers/citizens
  • Fast result (quantitative, but without the field work)
  • Keen competition analysis
  • Input for communication or tone of voice

Long term benefits

  • Trend insights and relationships with social context
  • Coherence in strategic decisions
  • Database enrichment
  • Link with media use, retail and consumer behavior
  • Link with postcode areas

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