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Branding, positioning, and communication

How do you choose the right position in the market for your organisation? And how do you connect your branding and communication to your target group?

How do you choose the right position in the market for your organization? With which brand values, products and services do you appeal to your target group and do you distinguish yourself from the competition? Positioning is about the essence of your company: linking your DNA and core values to the needs of your target group and the position in relation to the competition.

When you have found that right position, how do you reach your target group? Consumers see thousands of (advertising) expressions per day. Only a fraction of that remains. Effective communication is necessary to reach the right target group through all the noise.

And how do you know that your message reaches the target group and has the desired effect? What does your online marketing strategy yield when you look at website visitors, purchases or contact requests?


What we do

To ensure that you really reach your audience and encourage them into action, you can no longer base a strategy on gut feeling. Through research, we sharpen your positioning, marketing, and communication strategy and thus increase the chance of success. We offer:

  • Trend research
  • Market segmentation and target group analyses, with or without the aid of our Mentality model
  • (Re)positioning research and image research
  • Insight generation for communication development
  • The concept and pre-testing of advertising campaigns using adFlow

What do you get  

A solid foundation for the positioning of your brand and effective communication with your target group. We help develop policy, propositions, and communication campaigns that get your target group moving in the market and in society. We offer:

  • In-depth knowledge about your target audience, such as behavior and values.
  • Insights for the positioning or repositioning of your brand and the extent to which it matches the characteristics of your target group.
  • Insight into any gaps between your positioning and the image amongst your target group.
  • Input for the branding of your brand. Think of logo and distinctive brand assets.
  • Tools for your communication strategy, communication development and optimizing advertising campaign, labor market communication and internal branding.


Other expertises


What does your target audience think about sustainability? We know how to effectively communicate with your target audience about sustainability.

Influencing Behaviour

Our experts offer concrete tools and tactics to steer the behaviour of your target group into the desired direction.


With deep insight into the emotional response of respondents, we help you communicate even more efficiently and purposefully with your target group.

Target group thinking

Your organisation achieves growth and success by tailoring the strategy to your target groups. We know which underlying motives, norms, and values explain their opinion and behaviour.
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