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Reputation is the most important intangible asset of any organisation or brand. View your reputation from the perspective of your stakeholders.

Reputation is the most important intangible asset of an organisation or brand. But what is reputation? Who determines your reputation and how do get an in depth insight of it? 

We believe organisations can only have an in depth insight of their reputation if they collect information from all their stakeholders. To let each stakeholder have her say about the areas in which she can form an opinion. If you then confront that with who you think you are as organisation or want to be, you get a broad understanding of your reputation. With this, you gained the right management information for targeted reputation management.

Reliable figures are necessary, but not the holy grail. Figures make effects of corporate communication efforts visible. However knowing the how and why behind these figures gives reputation a deeper meaning and enable organisations to strategise based on reputation.

That is why we examine all your stakeholder groups. In a survey we ask what they think of you and why they have that opinion. These insights will make clear which groups carry the most weight and require your special attention and commitment.


What we do

Reputation research requires customisation. On the one hand, every organisation is unique. On the other hand, research also requires standardisation that offers opportunities for benchmarking against peers or other comparable organisations. Therefore, we use a flexible instrument that standardises where necessary and is adaptable to your situation.

Before we begin researching your organisation, we thoroughly explore the known issues together. How does your organisation view itself and what does that mean for the expected reputation? What underlying questions should the research answer? In the start-up phase, we look for the answers to these questions and formulate a mix of reputation drivers important to your organisation.

In addition, we explore the stakeholder field in which your organisation is located. Who are your stakeholders and what should you expect from them? Which stakeholders ask for numerical insights and with which stakeholders do you want to deepen your relationship? Based on this, we compile a so-called stakeholder mix.

In the final report we provide a clear overview of your reputation. We map out the source of your weaknesses, the role they play, for which stakeholders they are relevant, and to what extent these weaknesses form a possible (future) threat to your reputation. Next to that, weindicate which solutions stakeholders see in order to improve them.


What do you get

Our way of working is more than a picture of your organisation's reputation. We provide hands-on management information. And as we also speak to your highly involved and well-informed stakeholders, we often see potential reputational issues before they reach the general public.

Due to the extensive information we offer you, we enable you to choose for a stakeholder-oriented approach that is often more effective than a broad approach. Because of our standardised customisation, we prevent ballast in our reports. Please contact us for a in depth insight into your reputation.


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