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12 July 2016

The markers have been moved. Where it previously concerned “coming across as well as possible”, the assignment now calls for a constructive dialogue with all stakeholders. Managing reputation brings your organization back to the core business: Add value for all stakeholders. Overview, insight, managing and depth is required for this.


Look at your reputation from the perspective of your stakeholders

Reputation is the most important intangible possession of each organization. Visible figures are vital with this. They make the effects of the corporate communication efforts visible. But they acquire little managing information. How transparent is it if your governance and financial solidity is judged by people who only know your organization from the newspaper? They form one target group, but reputation is the image-forming among all internal and external stakeholders. That is why we research all your stakeholder groups, so that it is clear which carry most weight and require your exceptional attention and effort.

An honest insight into your reputation by way of research

Benchmarking is educational. But organizations from various sectors with the same measuring rod offers superficial results. Stakeholders expect something different from a bank than from a supermarket. That is why we develop a tailor-made instrument for your sector. By only comparing like for like, we sharpen the image of your reputation.

From fragmentation to overview

If the stakeholder relations are managed by different departments, the overview of the entire reputation is missing. With reputation research you keep your finger on the pulse with all internal and external stakeholder groups. And by combining figures with depth, we also offer context, clarity and action perspective. In this way you work effectively and efficiently towards reputation resistance.

We are happy to speak further about your challenges and our solutions in the area of reputation management. 




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