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What does your target audience think about sustainability? We know how to effectively communicate with your target audience about sustainability.

How do the people of the Netherlands view sustainability and the energy transition? What are their reasons for participating, and why do people struggle with all the changes and developments in this area? What arguments do you use to sell your target group a heat pump? And how do you persuade your target group to eat more vegetarian or buy second-hand clothing? The business sector, government, and NGOs are actively engaged in sustainability, particularly in the areas of energy, mobility, food, housing, and clothing. As researchers in this field, we are always looking for motives and barriers to behaviour and provide answers to the above questions.


What we do

Motivaction monitors the status of various domains of sustainability in the Netherlands. We consider this theme as important, so we have developed a number of research possibilities and knowledge that enable us to better assist our clients. Contact us for more information.

What we deliver

  • Insight into the state of the country: How do Dutch people and your target audience think about sustainability?
  • Effective sustainability communication: How do you communicate with your target audience about sustainability?
  • Personas that are distinctive in their attitudes towards sustainability.
  • Understanding how your customers feel about making your product or service more sustainable.
  • Clear guidelines for the development of products and services.


Other expertises


With deep insight into the emotional response of respondents, we help you communicate even more efficiently and purposefully with your target group.

Job market

Data-driven job market research provides insight into which employees fit a successful organization. Together we work on the success of your employees.

International market research

Together with Glocalities, we have developed the international lifestyle survey, which gives us a rich database of values, lifestyles, trends, and culture.

Target group thinking

Your organisation achieves growth and success by tailoring the strategy to your target groups. We know which underlying motives, norms, and values explain their opinion and behaviour.
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