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We are dedicated research experts who provide your organization with insights for growth and impact. Discover our areas of expertise and what we can do for you here.


Wij zijn toegewijde onderzoekexperts die jouw organisatie insights bieden voor groei en impact. Ontdek hier onze expertisegebieden en wat wij voor jou kunnen betekenen.

Branding, positioning, and communication

How do you choose the right position in the market for your organisation? And how do you connect your branding and communication to your target group?

Data and analytics

Our existing database contains a wealth of information that you can use to refine or adapt your policy and to gain insights into who your target group is.

Diversity and inclusion

Increase the reach and effect of your communication among specific target groups. Integrate the variety of backgrounds into your marketing strategy.

Influencing Behaviour

Our experts offer concrete tools and tactics to steer the behaviour of your target group into the desired direction.

Innovation and concept development

Develop a successful new concept with our help and in co-creation with your customer. Let your propositions optimally match customer needs and realise a higher chance of success.

International market research

Together with Glocalities, we have developed the international lifestyle survey, which gives us a rich database of values, lifestyles, trends, and culture.

Job market

Data-driven job market research provides insight into which employees fit a successful organization. Together we work on the success of your employees.


Reputation is the most important intangible asset of any organisation or brand. View your reputation from the perspective of your stakeholders.


What does your target audience think about sustainability? We know how to effectively communicate with your target audience about sustainability.

Target group thinking

Your organisation achieves growth and success by tailoring the strategy to your target groups. We know which underlying motives, norms, and values explain their opinion and behaviour.
We help our clients grow and
realize more impact through insight
into what drives their target audience.

Kevin Hengstz
Senior Research Consultant
Amber Porsius
Team Lead M-select
Anna Newen
HR Research Advisor
Cecilia Keuchenius
Senior Research Consultant
Marcel Voorn
Senior Research Consultant
Merel Zuiderduin
Research Manager
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  • Kevin Hengstz
    Senior Research Consultant
  • Amber Porsius
    Teamleider M-Select
  • Anna Newen
  • Cecilia Keuchenius
    Senior Research Consultant
  • Marcel Voorn
    Senior Research Consultant
  • Merel Zuiderduin
    Research Manager
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    Survey questions influence results and media coverage

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    International research at your fingertips

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    Discounts on health care premium for people with a healthy lifestyle. How do the Dutch people feel about it?

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