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Motivaction knows what drives people

We are an independent market research agency with creative thinkers. Together with our clients, our experts look for the best solution. We help our clients realise growth, and impact.


Since our start in 1984, we conduct research into motives and drivers behind behaviour. We work with an enthusiastic team of more than 100 research experts for the B2B and B2C organisations.

Sustainability & CSR

Motivaction cares about the environment, which is why we work according to a multi-year environmental policy plan with the standard ISO-14001 Environmental Management Systems as a guideline. The starting point is to decrease our 'social footprint'. We strive for a healthy balance between our business objectives, objectives in the field of personnel policy, and social objectives with regard to the environment.

Our standard

ISO 20252 is the standard for market and opinion research and contains both requirements with regard to the research organization itself and requirements with regard to management of the research process. The Statement of Applicability related to this standard can be viewed here.

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