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Quality control and quality marks

08 April 2014


When conducting research, we apply strict quality standards. To this end, we subscribe to the ESOMAR  and Allea guidelines.

These standards apply to research agencies and analysts working with both traditional and new data sources. The aim is twofold: first, to maintain public trust in research. Second, to ensure that researchers and analysts meet their ethical, professional and legal responsibilities to the individuals whose data they use in their research and to the clients and organisations they serve. In short, these standards promote ethical and professional behaviour within the global community of data, research and insights. Furthermore, it also protects the rights of researchers to seek, receive, provide and process information.

ISO certifications

We apply strict quality requirements when conducting research. Motivaction is certified to various ISO standards: 

ISO 20252:2019

ISO 20252 is the standard for market and opinion research and contains both requirements regarding the research organisation itself and requirements regarding the control of the research process. The Statement of Applicability relating to this standard can be viewed here.

StemPunt, Motivaction's own research panel, is also certified according to the ISO 20252 standard (Annex A). The standard's requirements for access panels include the methods and processes used to recruit and retain panel members and the quality checks carried out on the research data collected via the panel.

Furthermore, Motivaction's digital observation activities also fall within the scope of ISO 20252 certification (Annex D).

With the ISO 20252 certificate, Motivaction expresses its commitment to providing high and guaranteed quality to its clients. Against the same background, Motivaction endorses the ESOMAR international code of conduct.

ISO 27001:2017

ISO 27001 is the standard for information security. Motivaction processes many forms of (confidential) information every day, both from our clients and from the participants in our surveys.  All parties must be assured that their information is in safe hands at Motivaction. ISO 27001 certification not only guarantees that Motivaction takes adequate technical and organisational measures to protect information, but also that continuity in terms of information storage and availability is guaranteed.

Motivaction uses its own servers at the Iron Mountain data centre in Haarlem for online research and data storage. This data centre is also ISO 27001 certified.

General Data Protection Regulation

When processing personal data, Motivaction acts in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


IT certifications are globally recognised by the IT industry as a hallmark of IT expertise. IT certification programmes enable professionals to develop in-depth knowledge and skills in various IT subject areas. Certifications offer professionals the opportunity to have their competences and skills evaluated according to internationally recognised requirements set by software giants such as Microsoft and Oracle.

Motivaction employs experienced and certified professionals in the field of software development and management. The high level of IT expertise helps Motivaction build IT products for clients that meet the high quality requirements set by the IT industry. We develop IT products that meet the following characteristics:

  • High level of software performance
  • Offering new capabilities through the use of the latest technologies
  • Increased stability and system uptime
  • Flexibility and continuous system improvement
  • Shorter development time by using modern development platforms
  • IT certifications help us to keep our expertise up-to-date while staying abreast of all the best practices developed by IT industry after years of experience and research. Motivaction takes this very seriously and holds the following IT certifications, among others:

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

MCSD has been rated by Global-Knowledge as one of the top 3 global IT certifications. Motivaction was one of the first to achieve the prestigious "Charter Member" title of this MCSD certification. This proves our in-depth expertise in software development according to the latest Microsoft technologies.

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

Oracle is number one worldwide in terms of database systems. It is the Fortune 500's primary choice for medium and large-scale organisations. Oracle turns our XS software into a powerful market research platform. OCP certification is a mark of expertise in the Oracle database system. Our specialised Oracle skills help us develop high-performing and robust systems for our customers.

Data & Insights Network

Motivaction is an active member of the Data & Insights Network (D&IN). The D&IN aims to promote, develop and encourage the quality of market and policy research both nationally and internationally. This association is the point of contact for everyone involved in market and policy research. In addition, the association promotes the interests of respondents, users and providers of market and policy research.

Motivaction adheres to the Code of Conduct for Research and Statistics initiated by the D&IN.

The D&IN aims to have a membership of qualified researchers working in industry, government and research agencies. Currently, the D&IN has around 1,250 members. Pieter Paul Verheggen, Motivaction's CEO, held the position of D&IN president from 2001 to May 2014.



Pieter Paul Verheggen

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