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International market research

Together with Glocalities, we have developed the international lifestyle survey, which gives us a rich database of values, lifestyles, trends, and culture.

To be able to grow internationally, you need to understand how the market works in other countries. What moves the target group? How can I address them effectively? Who are the most important points and what distinguishes us as an organisation? What kind of laws and regulations will I have to deal with? Research such as a market access study is therefore also essential for preparation.

One of the biggest challenges of effective international research is collecting reliable data. Cultural differences mean that research cannot be set up in the same way in every country. Consider, for example, the differences per country with regard to income positions, the difference in the position of men and women or other purchasing motives. International research therefore requires a great deal of knowledge of local conditions. And how do you get that?


What we do

Motivaction has more than 30 years of experience in international research. We are active in more than 72 countries and serious research on five different continents. For example, we work internationally for The Flower Council, ING, Heineken, but also for the Van Gogh Museum.

Together with local researchers from partner agencies from the GlobalNR and WIN Research network, we take local differences into account and we can compare them well. Our on-site fellow researchers know which survey methods are appropriate, how national traditions (such as local holidays) can yield the results, and what the local legislation is. For example, we sometimes have to improve our questions and adjust them in order to collect good insights. With the partners in our network, we can do research in a smarter way in multiple countries, guarantee the comparable results from different countries, and make every cross-border research a success.




Deploy the Mentality research internationally

In collaboration with sister organisation Glocalities, we have developed the international lifestyle research based on the mentality model, with which we have reached a rich database with values, lifestyles, trends, and motivations of citizens from more than 42 countries. With the configuration from this database, your organisation gains real-time insight into the perception of consumers worldwide.

Insights based analyses from this database help organisations with their international positioning, the development of striking international advertising campaigns, and the development of (sustainable) international products and services.


Our partners

We are connected to the GlobalNR and WIN-Gallup international research networks to assure our clients of relevant and reliable international research. In addition, Motivaction is connected to a number of global organizations, including: 

  • ESOMAR: the world organization of market researchers
  • WAPOR: the World Association of Public Opinion Research
  • AIMRI: Alliance of International Market Research Institutes

Because no database is large enough to answer all research questions, Motivaction combines the  strengths of various online B2C and B2B panels for international research. To guarantee reliable and representative output from these panels, they are constantly being developed and are only used for market research. 


Other expertises

International market research

Together with Glocalities, we have developed the international lifestyle survey, which gives us a rich database of values, lifestyles, trends, and culture.

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Target group thinking

Your organisation achieves growth and success by tailoring the strategy to your target groups. We know which underlying motives, norms, and values explain their opinion and behaviour.
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