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Innovation and concept development

Develop a successful new concept with our help and in co-creation with your customer. Let your propositions optimally match customer needs and realise a higher chance of success.

Innovations are all about optimally meeting the wishes and needs of the target group. Then you increase the chance of a successful launch and a longer lifespan of your product or service. That is why Motivaction works with insights-driven concepts. These concepts fulfill the actual needs of the target group and consist of the following building blocks:

Insight: an insight is a need of the target group, made up of three elements:

  • Truth: the perception of the target group around the theme
  • Dilemma: the problem, frustration or irritation that the target group experiences with regard to the subject
  • Wish: desired situation that meets the (latent) consumer need. “If only I had…” “I wish…” “If only…”

A description of an insight identifies the unfulfilled (latent) need of the consumer and resolves existing dilemmas and frustrations.

Promise: How does the concept respond to the insight? The promise offers a solution to the dilemma, a clear advantage and fulfills the wish. The focus is on one core benefit that is relevant, distinctive and credible. This is the USP of the proposition.

Evidence: the evidence is the 'reason to believe' for your innovation. How will you fulfill the promise? What properties are behind the promise? Here we can add extra information such as variants, features and extras.

In our research, this method forms a framework for building, assessing, and optimizing propositions. Motivaction helps you develop insight-driven propositions to optimize the chances of successful product development and innovations.


What we do

Innovation is never a linear process that always occurs in the same way. Based on research, Motivaction offers solutions and workshops in various stages of clients' innovation processes. Together with the client, we determine which information is already available and what is still needed and then choose an approach that best suits this. We offer a tailor-made approach

We involve your target group in the entire process. With our help and in co-creation with your customer, you can develop a successful new product, an even better customer journey, or a better optimized existing service.

 The journey consists of several steps, from collecting insights to concept scoring. You can opt for the entire process, or just go through the phases that are relevant to you. Throughout the process, we apply Design Thinking principles and tools.


What do you get

  • In-depth insight into the needs of your target group that you can use as a foundation for your innovation
  • Propositions that optimally meet this customer need and therefore have a higher chance of success
  • An efficient development process with continuous refinement of the proposition


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