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Quantitative Research: Characteristics and Methods

08 June 2017

At Motivaction, we use quantitative research to measure the opinions of consumers, citizens and costumers on a large scale. The outcomes allow us to both draw solid analytical conclusions and to report representative statements about relevant audiences. As a result, we are able to offer our clients profound and useful advice, which reflects the wishes and needs of their target groups.

What is quantitative research?

Quantitative research provides answers to questions such as: what percentage of my target audience knows my brand? How satisfied are my clients or costumers with the products and services I provide? Which target groups can we distinguish, both current and potential?

It is aimed at making strong statements that can be generalized to the entire target group population. This generalization enables our researchers to determine, for example, which percentage of the target group holds a certain opinion. Quantitative research also offers the possibility to analyse similarities and differences between subgroups within the main target group.   

Our quantitative research methods 

Motivaction conducts quantitative research based on, among other things:


How does it work?

Most of our quantitative studies are conducted online, through a questionnaire. Depending on your research objective or question, and in close cooperation with you, we prepare questionnaires that provide unambiguous and reliable results. We then submit the questionnaire to our 65.000 panelists from StemPunt.

Alternatively, if you provide the addresses, it is possible to circulate the questionnaire among your own clients or customers. The collected data is processed and analyzed by our researchers and methodologists. As a result, you gain useful insights about your target audience.

Quantitative research can also be conducted offline by telephone or in writing.

What does quantitative research offer?

  • Analytical insights based on the answers of thousands of respondents
  • Representative answers to your research questions
  • A detailed substantiation of the results
  • The possibility to zoom in on sub-target groups
  • An assessment of your initial hypotheses and expectations

 Would you like more information on quantitative research? Please contact Jeroen Senster.


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