Personas: knowing and understanding the customer

"With the Mentality-based personas, Motivaction has a powerful means of instilling awareness to organizations about who the clients are and what drives them. Because of this, we can work in a more client-friendly way in all things we do."
Jojanneke van der Voort, Policy Advisor Marketing at Nederlands Openluchtmuseum

From customer thinking to customer acting
Knowing and understanding “The Customer” are key for a successful organization. But do all employees have the same image of that customer? Does everybody understand what customers really find important? The critical success factor of a customer-focused organization is more than customer thinking. What is crucial is customer acting: the right application of customer-focused behavior in all aspects of the organization.

What are personas?
Personas are custom-made customer profiles that bring the knowledge about target groups ‘to life’ in an organization. They give a name and face to ‘the customer’ with hobbies, motives, desires, and life goals. It is a simple, yet powerful tool to make organizations more customer-focused. Personas ensure that the ‘customer’ concept becomes tangible and they indicate how to approach your customers in a very concrete way.

How does it work in practice?
Creating personas is an art, as well as a science. A number of personas are created based on available customer behavior data. For this we use research results, sales figures, and segmentation data. In addition, training sessions, actors, posters, and other activities within the organization are the practical application of these personas. Focusing on customers has never been so much fun!

What does personas provide?

  • Using personas ensures the same customer image within the entire organization.
  • Personas help to understand the wishes and problems that customers have.
  • The common language results in effective and consistent communication and product development, as well as better customer service.
  • Practice has demonstrated that a profit growth of more than ten percent is possible by using personas.

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