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Data and analytics

Our existing database contains a wealth of information that you can use to refine or adapt your policy and to gain insights into who your target group is.

Since 1984, Motivaction has been answering customer questions with the help of market research. Years before the emergence of Big Data and Data Analytics, we were collecting, analyzing, and reporting data. Now that many companies have their data collection in order, it is possible to paint an even more complete picture of target groups. We strongly believe in combining research data, customer data, and external data to get a grip on customer issues. With our experience and knowledge we help companies to extract insights from all forms of data.


What we do

To enable our customers to make well-informed decisions, we regularly perform analyzes on customer databases. For example, by enriching these databases with data and/or by extracting insights from data using statistical analysis. Sometimes advanced methods are needed and sometimes descriptive statistics are enough.

In addition to enriching and analyzing customer databases, we also analyze text data from callcenters, for example. We gain insights from this data that customers then use to make people less likely to call. Another example is churn analyses. Also with this type of analysis it is valuable to add data to the it in order to paint a more complete picture. We can add data from the Mentality segmentation to customer profiles or NPS scores to churn models.

As a research agency, we have a strong focus on people in every analysis. What are the motives behind the behavior shown? With this human-oriented data, we make the insights that emerged from the analysis more usable and applicable for marketers.


What do you get

  • Identify trends, patterns and relationships in data
  • Data Analytics enable better decision making, increased efficiency, better customer understanding and competitive advantage
  • Tools that save time and money: automate reports, build dashboards, or predictive analytics
  • Deep actionable insights for marketing and communication
  • Making business cases measurable by expressing them in numbers
  • Market research is not a condition, this entails a cost advantage
  • Well-considered data-driven decisions

 Data analysis helps your organization to improve performance and achieve goals. Data provides valuable insights into operations, customers and markets.


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