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12 July 2016

Do you have an extended database that you do not make a lot of use of and that you like to gain more from? Motivaction provides your data with soft values such as motivations, social interests and motives, so that you really get to know your target audience and create competitive advantage.


Companies increasingly collect more data and wish to gain insight into this. But that is not always easy. It often starts with the quality: The data is often incomplete, unmarketable or impractical, which raises issues concerning its usage, its representativeness and validity. In addition, the insight into which variables from the database are even usable for analysis is often lacking. How do you make a detailed analysis and can you make sure that the insights are translated? In the business and marketing world there is a lot of boasting about big data and data science, whereas it is not only about the volume of the data but about what someone does with it. Big data is mostly about making the correct choices based on a sharp analysis.


We link Mentality to your database by which we enrich it with valuable Mentality information.


What is big data? 

Of course, big data is a very broad concept. The best way to describe it is with the 3 v’s: volume, variety en velocity.


  • Volume: data storage has grown significantly, shifting markedly from analogue to digital. Therefore, we have access to a huge amount of data.
  • Variety: the data is often unstructured and you must capture the data that contributes to reaching your target audience.
  • Velocity: the speed with which the data is processed and understood.

If you have this covered, the following 3 v’s become of interest: value, veracity en variability.


  • Value: the worth of the data.
  • Veracity: the truthfulness and the authenticity of the data, what can you do with it?
  • Variability: to what extent can you change the structure of your data?


Like no other, Motivaction knows how to create meaningful data sets from disorganized output from a database. With years of experience in this field we will make sure that you can efficiently use your big data. We can link external data to research and analyse data without additional research. 


Innovative dashboards for data streams via big data

We developed big data dashboards for direct analyses and clear insights in data streams. This allows you to turn the data streams on and off within the data-specific variables from all perspectives.

What is to gain from optimizing big data?

Case 1: A charity has a database with households. This contains characteristics as car ownership, WOZ value and whether people are contributor or not. We linked this data to Mentality. Then we looked at: with which characteristics in this database can you predict donorship? Thus, we calculated which households have a large chance to become contributor and the charity could base specific fundraising activities on this.

Determine the interior of your shop with enrichment of your database

We can also enrich your database per zip code area. This enables you to make selections.
Case 2: We did this for a retailer. Based on specific client information they could decide which location for the next shop would resonate best with their target audience. Enrichment means you can predict. They could adjust the interior of their shop and the supply to the specific needs of the target group.  


Enrichment per zip code area


Enrichment per zip code area

Enrichment per zip code area


By linking Mentality profiles we provide insights from 30 years of research into what drives people per zip code area.


Look a likes by adding social interests

Case 3: For a media company we enrich the client database with social interests. With this they can make look a likes and reach potential customers that look like already existing customers. These potentials subsequently receive specific offers. This leads to an enormous conversion boost, proof that the enrichment strategy works.


Client cases

Example 1: How do you optimize your recruitment actions?

Example 2: How do you use your big data to encourage more efficient vehicle use?


Interested in how Motivaction can optimize your database? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. T 020 589 82 51 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. via 020 589 82 88.





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