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13 January 2023

Neuromarketing research gives us insight into how the brain responds to external stimuli, including communications. This offers opportunities to understand the deeper motivations of consumers. Because most of our behaviour is based on subconscious processes.

Neuroscience studies how human emotions work and how they influence our decisions and ways of thinking. By using neuromarketing research, we are able to predict consumer behavior and choices more effectively.


What we do

Together with Alpha.One, we conduct EEG studies in our joint NeuroLab. We map the effectiveness of communication campaigns and other moving images from second to second, by measuring brain waves.

By combining the method of unconscious measurement with traditional forms of qualitative and quantitative research, we are able to map out all aspects that an effective advertising campaign must meet. First we test the creative idea for a campaign with a qualitative concept test and advising on refinements. Subsequently, an EEG study can measure whether the refined campaign actually generates involvement with the viewer. But other combinations of research methods are also possible.

 In addition to communication campaigns, we also use EEG research for research into all forms of moving images and audio.


What do you get

  • Insight into the effectiveness of an expression, from second to second.
  • Motion picture and audio optimization recommendations.
  • A complete picture of the effect of an expression, through the combination with qualitative and/or quantitative research under one roof.


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